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Hedda Layne is creatively influenced and supported by the strong talents of her husband, Troy Lee Warden; guitarist, producer, arranger and a master at the turntables who can mix music tracks and sounds that can make anyone with warm blood running through their veins want to shake it up.   He is divinely gifted as an acoustic and electric guitarist utilizing a classically elegant technique or he can rock it out like no other which only brings unlimited depth to their seemingly unending range of diverse music and lyrics.

Troy Lee Warden designs and arranges the musical background for the Hedda Layne show. He creates nuances that enhance the pleasure of the listening experience.

Troy Lee Warden, although born in Austin, Texas was raised in Puerto Rico and San Antonio. He possesses a wealth of musical knowledge from around the world including jazz , fusion, latin and R&B. He is strongly influenced by artists such as Pat Metheny, Larry Carlton, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie (with whom he had the opportunity to meet and perform live with at the JazzSAlive festival in 1988). In 2004 he arranged music for the Austin Symphony Orchestra for Hedda Layne’s performance at the 4th of July concert in Zilker Park. He has produced and collaborated with other noted artists such as Ginger Leigh and Alan Barnette.

Passion. Soul. Performance. These concepts are what drive Troy Warden, his music and his life.